Make Him Think It's His Idea!

"I have been wanting this knowledge, and this book for so long, and at long last I got it. I am not sure why I waited. WELL WORTH THE READ!!!!"

In a perfect world, commitments would never be a struggle! No one wants their beloved to feel cornered into a commitment!

No woman ever wants to feel that she has no other choice but to tell a man “commit to me or I’m leaving you.” Those are fighting words!

Commitment and confrontation don't mix when it comes to love.

Yet some people resort to confrontation in order to "move the relationship to the next level." This is never a good idea!

Perhaps you're with a man who doesn’t want to let you go, but who insists that marriage is just a piece of paper, and therefore he doesn’t want to marry you.

Perhaps you're with a man who promises that you’ll get married “someday” and you’ve been waiting for that “someday” over and over for the past seven years. Or maybe you just want him to commit to being a couple with a future!

What should you do?  Should you give him an ultimatum?

My friend Mimi Tanner has a new approach that will get your relationship to the next level without scaring your guy off.

It's called the Reverse Ultimatum.

Mimi's "Reverse Ultimatum" is a technique that shows you how you can start moving your relationship toward a commitment.

- Paige Parker, Author of Dating Without Drama


An ultimatum is a showdown, and in a showdown, somebody always loses.

A traditional ultimatum always backfires sooner or later,because someone is being forced into something they didn't choose of their own free will.

But the Reverse Ultimatum is a Stress-Free kind of ultimatum. In truth, it's not an ultimatum at all!

In a Reverse Ultimatum there will be no losers, because no one is being forced to surrender.

The Reverse Ultimatum: Same Results, Fewer Calories

Your goal with a Reverse Ultimatum is the same as with a traditional ultimatum. Both are intended to cause a complacent man to recognize that he needs to take action to claim you – or else lose you.

A Reverse Ultimatum is the kindest and most efficient way of accomplishing this goal. You start the inevitable process – the fact that he will lose you if he doesn’t commit – with much greater subtlety.

There will be no confrontation. You won’t insult him or make demands when he’s unwilling to surrender.

You won’t embarrass yourself with an awkward Serious Talk that ends up with him telling you that you deserve someone else who is ready to make a commitment.

You won’t blame him. You won’t show bitterness, exasperation, rage, or disgust. Those are not the emotions from which a lifetime commitment is likely to spring.

The more you have allowed him to be the pursuer, the easier and more natural it will be for you to gracefully move into your Reverse Ultimatum. But you can easily pull this off even if you’ve been stuck in Commitment Purgatory for a decade, and even if you told him you're leaving and you didn't leave.

What's In The Reverse Ultimatum?

How To Intensify His Desire To Make You His

How To Use Human Nature To Make Him Desire You

How To Understand When A Man's Fears Can Cause Him To Want Nothing Less Than The Ultimate Commitment With You

The Key to Getting Your Man To Want To Commit To You

How To Make Him Miss You More Than Ever In His Life

How To Make Him Realize He Can't Live Without You

How To Propose To A Man

How To Make Him Realize He Could Lose You

What To Do After the Reverse Ultimatum

How To Recognize Your Golden Moment To Get a Commitment

Special Report: "He Only Wants To Live Together"

and Much More

The Reverse Ultimatum Isn’t Just For Getting Married

The principles in the Reverse Ultimatum can help you to get closer to a man, even if marriage is not your goal.  It can be used in dating relationships and even in marriages.

Here’s what you can do with the principles in the Reverse Ultimatum:

Make It Official

Get engaged and married

Be in an exclusive relationship

Officially be his girlfriend and for this to known by friends and family, both yours and his

Find Out If This is Real

Find out if he truly loves you and is capable of taking action

Find out if your relationship has long-term potential or if he just sees you as a temporary girlfriend

Find out whether he’s really interested in you

Heal a Relationship Sickness

Revive the passion in your relationship or marriage

Eliminate your competition

Fix mistakes so you can regain the balance in your relationship

Move Forward With Someone You Don’t See Enough

Go from not knowing when you’re going to hear from him, to talking to him every day and seeing him several times per week

Go from dating him occasionally to being his girlfriend

Move Forward in an Established Relationship

Make him want more of your time

Move your relationship closer

Make him wake up and stop taking you for granted

Become a priority in his life, because you’re in love with him, and he is a priority in your heart

Make Him More Responsive To You

Get treated with more consideration for your needs

Get treated with more consideration for your feelings

Get treated with more respect and admiration

Make him want to be a priority in your life

Be Cherished by Him

Make him realize that he doesn’t want to lose you

Make him realize that he doesn’t want to live without you

Mimi Tanner's books, which have sold tens of thousands of copies, are legendary landmarks in the relationship field. Her email columns have been read by more than half a million people.

Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She became well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

- Scot and Emily McKay
Authors, Relationship Experts, Hosts of "X & Y On The Fly" Dating Podcasts

From a Reader of the Reverse Ultimatum

It's all working BEAUTIFULLY in my life so far - unbelievable!
Warmest wishes,

Later this same person wrote me the following:

Oh my Mimi....I haven't been on this email account in months.... but I must tell you that I just got married this past Fall and I am so very happy. It all started last year. My man was a tough cookie, was never married and didn't want to ever get married. I knew that going in, but fell in love.

So 10 months into the relationship I could tell that things were not only starting to feel stagnated, but I was being severely taken for granted. Honestly I couldn't go on like that, so I had no choice but to do the "Reverse Ultimatum," and if it worked, great. But I really felt like it was going to be over (which was quite painful) but this way of handling things seemed the most natural with no drama involved.

I read the chapters that I had over and over and over for reinforcement. I stayed happy (faked it) and made every excuse not to see him. I was never prepared for his reaction and he started going crazy and showing up at my house with flowers (a first) and then asked if I wanted a ring. But I held my ground and six weeks later we were engaged. And yes, he bought me the most beautiful ring!

I never gave any ultimatum, I just let him know that we were on two different pages, and that he didn't want to get married and he deserved to have what he wanted, but I deserved what I wanted too, and that is to get married.

When we had that conversation after six weeks of him chasing me around (that was actually a lot of fun now that I look back) he said, "Sign me up! We can go tonight if you like." Three months later, we were married. And life is wonderful, he is a wonderful husband! I really really really want to say thank you, because your advice was right on.

M. D.

Relationships have changed enormously. Because sex is so freely available, the call for men to commit is simply not there. Women love sex as much as men do, but this can contribute to many a broken female heart. Men and women are very different emotionally and sexually, and knowing how to be true to yourself and take care of yourself is no longer automatic or handed down from older generations.

We are in new territory in relationships. Neuroscience is teaching us a lot about how differently the male and female brain and nervous system work, including emotionally and sexually. As well as that, the roles in the world of men and women continue to change fast. We are all in new territory.

The Reverse Ultimatum teaches women how men think about us, and about sex and relating. Ladies, men think so differently from us that unless we educate ourselves, we will not know. The Reverse Ultimatum is empowering. It gives us ways to deal with ourselves and with men that do not come naturally, but that actually do work as they respect the differences between men and women.

I recommend The Reverse Ultimatum to all women who are seeking to understand ourselves and men better, so that in the long run, we are all happier in our relationships. Good on you for writing this, Mimi.

Rosemary Hirst, Australia

 What People Are Saying

"This was by far one of my favorite books to read and I reread specific parts! I would recommend you try it."

"I have been wanting this knowledge, and this book for so long, and at long last I got it. I am not sure why I waited. WELL WORTH THE READ!!!!"

"Mimi is right ON!!!! I read this from end to end, TWICE to make sure I had it down pat.

"Well, I put her information to work, and let me just say he did everything just as Mimi said it would happen... Including the four words every in love girl wants to hear.

"Her words are right on the money, and if you put them into play the way she instructs, it will help you also!"

"This is a terrific, easy to understand and implement plan to undo a stalemate relationships too often encounter.

"Pressure only creates resistance, so following the plan laid out in this book allows a relationship to decompress without imploding.

"We've all tried the 'other option' with usually poor results-Mimi's approach helps to restore a balance and dignity to a relationship from which possible healing and progress can be made. In the worst case scenario, you have begun to restore a life to return to if the relationship is truly over.

"The Reverse Ultimatum is a worthy read."

"I was not even done reading the whole thing and I decided to have a conversation with my BF over Valentine's day weekend to see where I stand for the long term. He got up and proposed to me on the spot.

It gives you a different angle to view things from so you feel more empowered."

"Very sound advice for women, even those just beginning the dating scene. This gives a clear and simple, yet often misunderstood, insight to understanding the nature of relationships.

"Mimi writes an easy-to-read guide, which provides immediate results and can help avoid confusion and heartache. Traditional views and concepts are flawed and do not represent the truer essence of human nature. It's not trickery, but merely a guide for balancing a relationship with love and respect while providing opportunity to see if the glass slipper fits."

"Your Reverse Ultimatum is frighteningly on target. How did you get so good at understanding the male mind? Your techniques would keep a guy up at night with visions of his lady waltzing off with a better man. But, oh boy, are they effective if the man truly loves her and is waffling."

- Robert


Make Him Think It's His Idea!


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